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  • Sugar Boot Stack

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    In France, children leave out shoes rather than stockings for Father Christmas to fill. No matter the garment, Santa is sure to please with sweets galore!

  • Tannenbaum Topper

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    This fun Santa knows how to dress for the holidays! From his fir tree hat to his harlequin patterned bag, this guy knows how to spread Christmas cheer!

  • The Candy (Snow) Man

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    This snowman knows candy is the way to everyone’s heart. Indulge in a sweet treat with this frozen friend?there’s plenty to share!

  • Time For Spring Snowman

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    Spring has sprung, and this hapless snowman knows his days are numbered!

  • Top of His Game

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    This tall snowman is dressed in his best to with you a happy holidays! Wearing a top hat and red vest, his look is completed with a sparkling snowflake pattern.

  • Traveling Father Christmas

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    Father Christmas is ready for an adventure through the forest in a custom, elaborately designed, luxury fur edged coat. With his trusty embellished lantern and dependable staff, jolly Saint Nick will certainly not get lost!

  • Under the Sea Gem

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    Floating through the holidays is easy when you have fins! This santa of the sea is busy delivering gifts to his ocean friends.

  • Vacation at Christmas

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    What a beautiful stocking! Not only is it brimming with gifts, but it is stunningly decorated with a beautiful wintry town! Is that Frosty we see?

  • Welcome!

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    Featuring Santa warmly welcoming all of his party guests to come right inside! Santa stands gesturing through an open door where the warm glow of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is visible.

  • Winter Elegance

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    St. Nick is dressed to his best in this gold and white ensemble. Prepared for any gathering, this glittery get-up is sure to impress!